CEO Greetings


To connect the carbon credits (international exchanges) and create new value of companies for environmental preservation, we aim to create and create a specialized environment-friendly investment company.

The URCC aims to establish a network of government, business, and private organizations and combine the technologies of the block chain to protect the global environment to reduce one tonne of greenhouse gas per capita.

The global environmental movement to reduce one tonne of greenhouse gas is an effort by individual citizens we are pursuing a new lifestyle that not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions but also contributes to health, economy and safety. URCC is convinced that individual small change in behavior will be a great step forward in preventing climate change and realizing a low-carbon society.
Through the NECC (Natural Eco Carbon Coin), we will continue to carry out various activities to lead people's actions.

Thank you for your interest and participation around the world to climate change.
Joseph Lee